Some Things To Consider Before You Rent a Truck for Towing on Your Next Vacation

If you’re heading out for a great outdoor adventure involving taking your jet skis or dirt bikes, you might consider renting a truck to tow this gear. While this is a great way to get started on your vacation conveniently, there are things to consider before you head out.

Make Sure You Know Exactly What You Will Be Taking in the Truck and What You Will Be Towing

When you go to a truck rental company to rent a truck for towing, it is an excellent idea to make sure you can tell them precisely what you need from your truck. The reason for this is so they can put you in the correct type of truck based on your payload capacity needs.

Describe in detail the number of people and items that will ride inside the truck and in the truck’s bed. Then go through in detail with them exactly what you plan on towing behind the truck and if there will be any additional weight inside that item, such as gear sitting inside a house trailer.

Another thing to consider before your rental is any extra equipment you may need. Most vacationers can hitch a trailer to a rental truck without additional equipment. If you happen to be taking a large trailer with you on your journey, you may need to rent extra side mirrors to drive safely.

Once you are at the truck rental company, discuss potential insurance needs for your rental. It is always a good idea to check out your current auto insurance policy to see what type of coverage is provided to you when renting a truck and towing something behind the truck. If your coverage is inadequate, you should discuss this with your rental company before your rental begins.

One last thing you should consider before you rent a truck is to determine what type of fuel your rental truck will utilize. Most travelers can easily use a gasoline-powered truck, but if you are hauling heavy loads or going great distances, a diesel-powered truck is a better option.

Things To Keep in Mind Before You Start Towing

If this is your first time towing anything behind a vehicle, make sure you take your time through the entire process. For starters, ensure you have a good understanding and plenty of practice attaching and detaching a trailer to the hitch on the truck. There is nothing worse than loading fantastic equipment on a trailer only to find out you don’t know how to unload it upon your arrival at your destination.

One thing often overlooked by drivers unfamiliar with towing something behind the truck is how to back up. While many drivers will take this kind of thing for granted, driving in reverse with another vehicle attached to your primary vehicle can be quite tricky, especially for the inexperienced.

If this is your first time heading out on vacation with a truck and something in tow, it is always advisable to try something that is a short distance away. Do some homework to ensure that most of your drive will occur on major highways and that your final destination has quality roads that do not offer a lot of rough terrain or tight turns.

In the best-case scenario, savvy truck renters will take their truck and whatever they plan on attaching to the truck out for a test drive in a local area. It is always a great idea to do this with as little weight on the truck and the towed item as possible.

Drivers should start by driving slowly, leaving plenty of room for turns and breaking. Getting used to how long your vehicle will now be and how much space you need around your vehicle and other cars on the road is imperative.

Heading out on an unforgettable outdoor vacation with some of your favorite recreational gear in two can lead to an amazing vacation that everyone on your trip will not soon forget. Following these steps and guidelines ensures everyone on the trip will have a great time safely and securely.