Getting to know the things that constitute the AWS services

The AWS cloud services offer AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) development tools via the service of the Amazon Sumerian. It is what allows users to create a VR and AR application without the need to know to program or create 3D graphics. It is a service that enables the users to publish after testing applications in the browser. The Amazon Sumerian can be utilized in:

  • Training simulations
  • Manufacturing
  • Online education
  • Marketing
  • Ecommerce and sales applications
  • 3D web applications
  • Gaming

The game development

It is possible using AWS for game development.  Larger game developing companies like Ubisoft, utilize AWS services for games like For Honor. AWS is known to provide services for each part of the lifecycle of the game.

An example is AWS being able to provide back-end services for developers, developer tools, and analytics. The developer tools need to help in aiding developers to make their game, while the back-end services could be able in helping with scaling, deploying, and building a platform for the developer. The analytics could help the developers to better know who their customers are and the way the game is played. The data can be stored by the developers of the game data hosting on the AWS servers.

Internet of things

The AWS does have a variety of services that enable the IoT – internet of things deployment. The IoT AWS service gives a platform for the backend in managing the IoT devices and the data ingestion to the rest of the AWS storage and the services of the database. The AWS IoT button gives limited hardware for IoT functionality with the AWS Greengrass bringing the AWS to compute capabilities to the devices of IoT.

Other services

The AWS has various business productivity options for SaaS which include:

  • The service for Amazon Chime enables online video meetings, text and call based chats on various devices
  • Amazon work docs refer to a storage file and a service for sharing
  • Amazon work email which is an email service for businesses that have features for calendaring


The streaming and desktop applications services include the Amazon workspace, a Daas remote – desktop as a service platform, and the app stream for Amazon, which refers to a service that allows developers to stream the desktop application from the AWS to the web browser of the user. You should learn things that constitute the AWS service.