Ask These Questions Before Returning To Your Workplace

The corona virus pandemic has changed the world as we know it. One and a half year back it was almost difficult to imagine people working from their homes for their respective organizations. It was a challenging task to arrange everything that was required for a work from home setup but the people managed. They managed to work and they managed to stay safe in these tough times. Now that the world is getting back on the track and with the vaccines getting rolled out, people are getting back to their offices. But before you pack your bags and leave for office, ask these questions to yourself!

Does Corona Virus Still Bothers You?

Well, it might seem stupid. It is a highly contagious and deadly virus which has claimed thousands of lives across the globe. Of course, it bothers a lot of people. But are you one of those people? Because if you are, then you must be aware of everything you touch. Despite the office being properly sanitized and cleansed, there are some chances of the virus sneaking in. If it gets to you, then you will be pushed into a possibly terrible situation.

What Makes You Feel Safe At Work?

The answer to this part of the return to work questionnaire lies within you. You must know for yourself what makes you feel safe at your workplace. You cannot really trust your colleagues’ claim of being free of the virus because there are more asymptomatic patients of the virus than the symptomatic ones. If you have even the slightest of doubt about the competency of your organization in keeping the office free of corona virus then you must stick to all the precautionary methods during your time there.

What Can Possibly Upset You About Returning To Work?

Given the desperate times that we are facing, it is understandable that one would not want to rejoin their offices because of obvious reasons. But it is not about what others think is right for you, it is you who gets to make the decision. Think what upsets or discourages about returning to work. Is it the poor management of workplace? Is it because your team leader has been acting mean to you even before the pandemic began? It could be anything and it is okay to share and raise your concern with the people in authority.

If Given The Opportunity, Would You Continue To Work From Home?

Corona virus showed us what humans truly are capable of. While we faced a lot of trials at the hands of the virus, we also showed it how strong we are. Professionals stuck to their jobs and told the world that no matter how worse things can get, there is always a way out. Work from home was one such way of handling things. It was a great experience for many working individuals as they liked the feeling of staying at home and delivering outputs at their maximum efficiency. If your organization is giving you a chance to work from home, then you should definitely take it up because that way you’d be safe and more productive.

Having Trouble With Conveyance?

Some of you might not have your homes near your offices and some might have to relocate to their work locations after the pandemic is dealt with. But the risk of exposing yourself to the virus are extremely high when you commute from one place to another as there are a lot of people who use the same taxi, bus or subway as you do and not all of them are concerned about hygiene and sanitization. So, if you think commuting to the workplace is a problem, put it up with your bosses, they will understand.

What if Your Boss is Rigid About Working From Office?

The toughest guys were tested thoroughly by the pandemic and they now understand the value of lives better than they used to. What is being implied here is that, there is no way that your bosses can be and should be rigid about you working from offices. It is a pandemic which has barely been left behind and it is still looming over us. So, talk to your bosses about this. Most of them would understand and if some of them don’t, then you might have to adjust for a while or look for a new opportunity.

Are You in Good Health?

Everything kept aside, you must focus on your own health. If you believe that you have exercised enough and you are healthy enough to rejoin the office, then you must do it while following all the precautions. However, if the answer to this question is “no” then you must stick to the hybrid work force kind of model which has been followed by a lot of organizations in the pandemic.